10 big mistakes to avoid when you turn article to video

Here are 10 big mistakes to avoid when turning an article into a video:

1. Not having a clear objective.
2. Underestimating mobile video.
3. Sounding too scripted or stilted.
4. Overproducing or including too many distracting elements.
5. Not enabling and disabling clips.
6. Not motivating your cuts.
7. Not using J & L cuts.
8. Not creating visual variation.
9. Not using the right music.
10. Making SFX and music too loud.

Other common mistakes to avoid when making a video include reading pieces of paper, having bad audio, using too dark or harsh lighting, having shaky video, holding the phone the wrong way, and not defining your goal . To avoid these mistakes, it is important to organize your files, make backups, use the right tools, have a workflow, and define your goal . Additionally, make sure to engage your audience, provide a way for them to contact you or learn more, and make your video content accessible to the visually and hearing impaired audience.

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