Creating a Captivating Video Marketing Strategy

Video content is the phenomenon that keeps on giving in the digital marketing world, stopping audiences in their scrolling tracks across social media and captivating them into lasting brand connections. For marketers hoping to harness that hypnotic power for their business, here is a master plan for creating a compelling video marketing strategy that brilliantly boosts engagement and conversions.

Hook Them In: Setting Magnetic Marketing Goals

The opening scene sets the tone for the entire video marketing strategy. Establish show-stopping marketing KPIs that will captivate your audience all the way to the final cut, whether your goal is increasing awareness, generating leads or skyrocketing sales. Define specific, measurable targets that will accurately reflect campaign performance.

Spotlight Your Star: Defining Your Prime Audience Persona

Every Hollywood blockbuster identifies leading talent for starring roles. Similarly, laser focus your video content toward an ideal viewer avatar, the perfect embodiment of your target demographic with pain points that your brand solves. Get analytical with audience data and pinpoint exactly where online your persona spends time consuming video content to seamlessly place your production into their feed.

Roll Camera: Lights, Set, Produce!

Effective video marketing requires both creative storytelling and analytical optimization behind the scenes akin to a big budget film set. Connect stakeholders early on to establish a unified vision, production plan and budget. Maintain clear communication to avoid any off-script surprises. Develop captivating video content optimized specifically to resonate with your identified persona’s emotions. Prioritize visual quality to make production value on par with the big brand names.

Action: Distributing Your Digital Blockbuster

You’ve wrapped on a video masterpiece, now it’s time for the worldwide release across digital platforms. Strategically promote videos on targeted social media channels, email campaigns, landing pages, websites and more. Produce a variety of formats tailored to each channel. Release video content consistently over time, building anticipation for an ongoing episodic brand story.

Scene-Stealing Results: Tracking Performance from All Angles

Like box office numbers signaling a hit franchise, analyze viewer metrics from multiple lenses to gain scene-stealing insights. Track video views, completion rates, click through, conversions and more. Survey audiences directly for qualitative feedback. Feed metrics into optimization for future video content that consistently improves performance over sequels.

Video content allows SMBs to play in the marketing big leagues with Hollywood-style productions that captivate audiences. Follow this filmmaking-inspired video marketing strategy as your guide to stopping online viewers in their tracks with content that emotionally connects them to your brand story. Lights, camera, marketing magic!

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