Some uses of AI in manipulating video content

It is important to note that while AI can be used for positive purposes, it can also be used to manipulate video content in unethical ways.

Here are some examples of AI being used to manipulate video content:

1. Creating 3D face models from a single 2D image

2. Changing the facial expressions of a target on video in real-time using a human "puppet"

3. Changing the light source and shadows in any picture

4. Generating sound effects based on mute video

5. Live-streaming the presidential debates but making Trump bald

6. Inserting people into videos they were not originally in

7. Creating a new tool that takes audio files, converts them into realistic mouth movements, and then grafts those movements onto existing video

8. Generating videos for corporate use

9. Compromising real-life as AI video production can supercharge copyright infringement, theft of likeness and intellectual property

10. Text-to-video AI-generated content, ranging from impressive yet mildly unsettling to the downright terrifying


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