Turn content into video

How to Turn Your Text Content Into Videos to Increase Your Marketing Potential

Learn everything you need to know to turn your content into videos.

Reuse your existing content
One of the best parts of launching a new content format is the opportunity to repurpose and reinvigorate existing content. If you’ve already put a lot of time and effort into your online content and website, now is a great time to create your first videos by combining that material.

Think about how published videos will look from the start
When you create a new blog post or other content, think about how it will look in video format. Start with the easiest step, which is to carefully consider the topic. Some topics just don’t lend themselves to video. You also need to make sure your text is interesting enough, so people won’t get bored as you go along. Break down each idea into paragraphs, so it’s easier to turn the content into a video.

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