Article-to-video AI tools are not really Artificial Intelligence

Right now, most AI online tools pretend to generate a video from a description but just adds casual stock videos that have a word in their description that matches some of the keywords in the text and paste them together.

It’s sound like bullshit and dishonest.

These fake AI online tools generate videos from text descriptions by stitching together stock videos that loosely match the keywords in the description because they cannot do otherwise. Here are the main reasons for this deception.

. Current State of AI: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, AI tools for generating videos from text descriptions were still in relatively early stages of development. While AI has made significant progress in natural language processing and computer vision, generating high-quality videos from textual descriptions is a complex task that involves understanding context, creativity, and narrative structure. Therefore, some tools might resort to using pre-existing video clips to approximate the requested content.

. Cost and Resource Constraints: Developing AI models capable of creating videos from scratch is a resource-intensive endeavor. It requires a substantial amount of data, computational power, and research expertise. Many smaller companies or startups may not have the resources to build such advanced models, so they opt for simpler solutions like matching keywords to stock footage.

. User Expectations: Some users may not be aware of the limitations of current AI technology or may have unrealistic expectations about what AI can accomplish. By providing a video, even if it’s composed of stock footage, these tools can give the impression of fulfilling the user’s request to some extent.

. Ease of Implementation: It is generally easier and quicker to develop a ‘pseudo AI tool’ that connects keywords to existing content than to create a full-fledged video generation system from scratch.

While AI has made remarkable strides in various domains, it still has some way to go before it can consistently and convincingly generate complex video content purely from textual descriptions.

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