Can AI generate video from a long article

Text-to-Video AI Video generators are not as cool as they claim!

So, you’ve heard about these apps that claim they can magically transform your words into videos using AI, right? Well, buckle up because we’re about to expose the truth about these so-called ‘pseudo AI online apps.’ We’ll reveal why they’re not as cool as they claim, and discuss the challenges of turning long text into videos with AI.

What’s the deal with AI Online video apps?

You’ve probably stumbled upon these flashy tools that boast about converting your awesome text into killer videos. They brag about using advanced AI to whip up personalized videos from any text you feed them. But here’s the scoop – most of them are just pulling a fast one. Instead of creating videos from scratch, they’re merely matching keywords to stock videos. The result? A hodgepodge of randomness – videos that are all over the place.

Why are these apps playing tricks?

These text-to-video AI apps are like carnival magicians – promising the moon but delivering a pebble. They pretend to be high-tech AI wizards creating videos from your text, but in reality, they’re just slapping together random video clips that have nothing to do with what you wrote. It’s like ordering a pizza and getting a salad – not what you signed up for. Let’s break down why these apps are a bit of a trickster:

  • Nothing Original: These apps lack any creative flair. They throw in stock images and videos that you’ve probably seen everywhere. Your content ends up looking as generic as a plain white T-shirt.
  • Zero Customization: Your preferences? Meh, not their concern. Customization options are as rare as a snowball in the Sahara, making it hard to make your video look the way you want.
  • Feels Fake: Using stock stuff makes your video feel fake and not connected to your brand. It’s like wearing a mask – viewers might not buy into it.
  • Boring Content: Forget about tugging at heartstrings. Stock assets lack the emotional touch that makes videos interesting. It’s like trying to dance to elevator music.
  • Random Visuals: These “pseudo AI” apps just throw together random images and videos, ignoring what your text is actually saying. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with pieces from different games – confusing and messy.
  • Copyright Headaches: Using stock stuff without permission can land you in legal hot water. Legal trouble is the last thing you need.
  • No Flexibility: Your control over storytelling? Non-existent. Good luck trying to highlight key points or adapt to changing circumstances.
  • SEO Struggles: If you’re in it for online marketing, relying on stock assets might mess with your SEO strategy. Search engines like fresh and valuable content.
  • Boring for Viewers: Low-quality stock videos? Not a recipe for viewer engagement. Authenticity matters, and these videos might miss the mark.
  • No Branding Love: Finding space for your logo or brand colors? Forget about it. Your brand might get lost in the sea of generic visuals.

Challenges of Text-to-Video AI

Now, let’s talk about the struggles these AI tools face:

  • Not Enough Data: Training an AI needs loads of text-video pairs, and that’s hard to find. Most videos don’t come with captions or text.
  • Computational Headaches: Generating videos from text needs serious computer power. It’s like asking your grandma’s computer to run a spaceship.
  • Research Mystery: Developing algorithms to handle language and visuals? It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. The research is still in its baby steps.

In conclusion, to generate videos from long text using AI, it will need a lot more of innovation and money. Online tools who pretend to make videos from any long article are lying. They just use random clips or stock images that have some words in common with your text and put them together. It is generally easier to develop a ‘pseudo AI tool’ that connects keywords to existing content than to create a full-fledged video generation system from scratch.

These ‘pseudo AI’ apps might talk a big game, but they’re more like tricksters than actual wizards. Sure, turning text into a masterpiece video is no picnic, but relying on stock assets ain’t the golden ticket either.

Some users may also have unrealistic expectations about what AI can accomplish, and by providing a video, even if it’s composed of stock footage, these tools can give the impression of fulfilling the user’s request to some extent. This is not fair and can make you feel sad if you wanted to get a real and long video from a text prompt. As these “pseudo AI” tools, Our app also match text keywords and images to make a video, but it doesn’t pretend to be based on AI, even if images are powered with AI. So, keep it real, stay away from the pseudo magic, and who knows – maybe one day, AI will whip up videos from your text that truly rock.

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