How do you create a video from an article?

Turn Articles into Engaging Videos with’s Text-to-Video Generator

Creating great videos from your existing articles is easy with’s free generator. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Paste Article Text

Copy and paste your full article text into’s input box. This extracts all the content.

2. Customize Your Video

Tailor the video to your brand by choosing colors, fonts, aspect ratio and more. Make it your own.

3. Edit Article Text

Refine your article text right in Reword sentences or add/remove content.

4. Summarize Article

Easily create a shortened version by adjusting’s slider to summarize. Great for concise videos.

5. Enhance Visuals automatically generate relevant AI generated images. Add your own visuals for more impact.

6. Add Background Music

Pick an audio track to complement your video from’s music library.

7. Generate Your Video

Click record and automatically converts your article to a polished video in seconds.

8. Download Instantly

The video downloads right to your computer – no sign up required. Share easily.

With’s intuitive text-to-video generator, you can quickly turn articles into professional videos tailored to your brand and goals. And it’s completely free and unlimited. Give it a try today!

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