Can i get a video in MP4 format with app?

I totally understand wanting your videos in the popular MP4 format. Unfortunately, relies on open web standards, which currently only support the royalty-free WebM format. MP4 uses patented technologies that require fees for publishing content.

The good news is you can view MP4 videos freely, but creating them adds costs. Another factor is MP4 doesn’t handle transparent backgrounds as nicely as the PNG files uses.

Our real-time WebM encoding gives you quick turnaround without baked-in timestamps. Firefox now adds timestamps when making the video, as does recording on Android mobile.

No need to worry though – you can still upload the WebM files anywhere like YouTube or Facebook. Their systems will add timestamps during processing.

If you need local files with visible timestamps, a third party online converter or desktop app can hook you up. Just get the file, then process it.

The open WebM format combined with our focus on custom solutions keeps our service free. But we’re always looking for ways we can improve the user experience, so please let me know if you have any other questions!

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