Can i save my video in a draft project ?

I get how handy saving draft projects can be for complex video editing. However, our streamlined text-to-video generator focuses on fast and easy text-to-video creation in real time.

Draft project is a geek concept. People really involve in video making work around script, storyboard… but no computer project. So to make the create process Fast and Easy, is an atypical video editor with no timeline, no templates and others computer nerds stuff.

Since the browser builds your video sequentially, you need to stick around on the page until the rendering finishes. We don’t offer timelines or drafting capabilities.

On the plus side, this means no data gets stored, and your privacy stays protected! Our atypical approach lets you turn text into a polished video in minutes without an account.

I know this simplified process won’t work for projects needing heavy edits. But for quick social media videos, explainers, and more,’s speedy workflow stands out. Let us know if you have any other questions!




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