Turn Bullet Point Lists into Videos

These days, video content is a must when it comes to content marketing and engaging your audience. But creating professional-looking videos can be tough if you’re not a video pro. Luckily, there’s an easy way to turn those boring bullet point lists into eye-catching video content using a free online tool called 011.video.

With 011.video, you can quickly transform any bullet list – whether it’s an ordered numbered list or an unordered list with dots – into a slick video perfect for YouTube, social media, presentations, or anywhere else you want to capture attention. The best part, it’s totally free, without any registration required and without any ugly watermark added. Pretty cool, right?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step, including some pro tips on how to format your lists for maximum video awesomeness. Let’s go!

Why use Bullet Point Lists in videos?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to use 011.video, let’s quickly go over why you’d even want to use bullet point lists in your videos in the first place.

For one, bullet points are extremely useful for breaking up dense information into easily digestible chunks. This makes complex topics way easier for viewers to understand and follow along.

Bullet points also allow you to highlight key pieces of information and make them pop off the screen. With short, punchy phrases and distinct separations, your critical points are more likely to stick in your audience’s memory.

Plus, there’s just something visually appealing about nicely formatted lists that people seem to inherently find engaging and easy to read. Maybe it’s the soberness or the orderly formatting – who knows? The point is, viewers tend to pay more attention when information is presented in a clean, structured list.

So by incorporating bullet point lists into your videos using 011.video, you get all these benefits rolled into one – better engagement, improved comprehension, emphasis on vital info, and overall improved readability. Sounds like a win, isn’t it !

How to make Bullet Videos with 011.video

Enough talking about why you should use bullet videos – let’s get into how to actually make them with 011.video’s free online tool. The process is stupid trivial, promise.

Option 1: Turn an existing webpage into a video

  • Launch the 011.video app and paste the URL of the webpage including bulleted lists, you want to turn into a video.
  • Hit enter and let the app load the page content.
  • Optionally, you can change the video dimensions, resolution, font, colors etc using the toolbar options.
  • Click the render button and wait for the app to convert the page into a video.

That’s it! The app will automatically detect any ordered (<ol> HTML tag) or unordered (<ul>) lists on the page and convert them into slick numbered and bulleted video sequences. Really cool, right?

One pro tip: Make sure the webpage you use has well-formatted lists to begin with. Scraggly, inconsistent lists won’t look as clean when converted to video.

Option 2: Create a Video from scratch

  •  Launch 011.video and paste your text content (with lists) directly into the text input area.
  • Use the formatting toolbar to make your lists look how you want in the video.
  • For ordered lists, start each line with “1.”, “2.” etc. and a space.
  • For unordered lists, start with “•” or “‣” and a space.
  • Make adjustments to dimension, resolution, colors, fonts, in the toolbar if desired.
  • Hit render and wait for your video to be ready!

Since you’re creating the content from scratch, you have complete control over the look and formatting of your lists. Play around with different styles and see what looks best.

Both options will export a .webm video file ready for you to upload wherever you want – no other editing required.

Bonus: You can even add background music to your bullet videos in 011.video! Just click the music note icon and choose a track to add.

6 tips for better Bullet Point Videos

Speaking of styles and formatting, here are a few tips to make your bullet videos look polished:

  1.  Use a Clear Introduction
    Don’t just throw your audience into a bullet list right off the bat. Introduce what the list is about with a clear, descriptive phrase or title card. This puts the content into context.
  2. Keep List Items Consistent
    Whether you’re using full sentences or phrase stubs as your list entries, try to keep them a similar length and follow the same structure/syntax. This consistency makes lists much easier to read and looks cleaner on screen.
  3.  Only Use Numbered Lists When Necessary
    Only use numbered lists if the order of the items is important, like steps in a process. If the order doesn’t matter, opt for an unordered list with bullets instead. Random numbers can be confusing.
  4.  Consider Listing Item Length
    Shorter list items are punchier and higher impact. If you have longer entries, consider splitting them into multiple separate points. Too much text in one list item can be overwhelming when animated.
  5. Play with Colors & Fonts
    011.video gives you flexibility with colors and fonts, so take advantage! Making intentional styling choices can really make your lists pop. Just don’t go too crazy with clashing options.
  6. Tell a Narrative
    Instead of just throwing random lists together, think about structuring multiple lists that flow in a logical, narrative format. This maintains viewer interest and engagement throughout.

Example Bullet Video use cases

Still not sure if bullet point list videos are right for you? Here are some example use cases where they could work great:

• Product Tutorials / Guides
Lists are perfect for breaking down step-by-step instructions into easy-to-follow sequences. Integrate them into video tutorials or how-to guides.

• Company / Personal Profiles
Make lists of accomplishments, product/service offerings, companion offerings etc and animate them to add visual interests to dry profiles or about pages.

• Speech Delivery / Presentations
Reinforce key points in a speech or presentation by listing them out in animated bullet videos during transitions or pauses. Helps cement concepts.

• Social Media Promotions
Short, snappy videos with animated bullet lists are extremely shareable on social media. Use them to make announcements or quickly convey promotions.

• Educational Content / Lessons
In videos that teach new skills or topics, bullet listing out core concepts, definitions, pros/cons can streamline your messaging.

The possibilities are endless! Anywhere you need to convey information in a clear, concise, visually compelling way, bullet videos can likely play a helpful role.

A few final notes

Before wrapping up, a few final thoughts and tips on using 011.video text-to-video generator online:

• Make sure your lists are cleanly formatted beforehand for best results. Sloppy lists can look sloppy animated.

• Try mixing bullet videos with other video elements for variety instead of overusing them.

• Experiment with different styling of colors, fonts, visuals to stand out.

• Most of all, have fun! Don’t be afraid to play around starting with the current webpage and get creative.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully this guide has you feeling ready to start incorporating bullet point list videos into your content strategy using 011.video app. It’s such a simple, free tool without any watermarks or sign up but can really take your videos to the next level in terms of engagement and information delivery.

So next time you’re staring down a big, intimidating wall of text, don’t just leave it bland. Spruce things up a bit and turn those lists into lively, animated videos that’ll grab your audience’s attention and keep them hooked. With 011.video, it couldn’t be easier.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try and let us know in a comment below how your bullet videos turn out! Happy listing!

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