How to create a listicle video from a bulleted or numbered text list

Transform a bullet point numbered list or any ordered list into a listicle video with

Bullet points help break up large blocks of text, make complex articles and blog posts easier to grasp, and make key information stand out. Whether you are making a how-to video or product review video for YouTube, creating a bullet list in videos can help you break up a bulk of information into more scannable, organized, and readable video content to engage viewers.

A few tiny dots attract the eye and can make a complex concept understandable. Readers perceive the bullets as shortcuts to succinct, high-priority content. They want to digest content quickly.

So, in this tutorial, we will walk you through the use 0f 011,video text-to-video free generator online, the easiest way to create aesthetic bullet lists with bullet points and dotted lines to take your ordered or unordered bullet lists to the next level.

Make a video from an HTML webpage ordered list

  • Start app
  • Paste the URL of the article into the input field
  • Enter the http://… URL by clicking on   
  • It takes a few seconds to load the text from the web page.
  • By default, the dimension of your recorded video is the same as the canvas size, but you can choose a different format (Landscape/Portrait) and a different resolution (HD, 4K…) by clicking on 
  • Change the color as you like   
  • Get a different font as you like   
  • The webpage article’s is displayed inside an input form that you can edit. The ordered list from the webpage (the HTML tag is <ol>) is automatically converted into a numbered list from “1•” to “10•”.  The unordered list from the webpage (the HTML tag is <ul>) is converted into a bullet list of items starting with “
  • Enter the final edited text by clicking on   
  • Optionally you can add a music soundtrack to your video, click on   background music
  • To start the article to video generation, click on record   
  • During the video conversion process, automatically detect any ordered list and will match each number from “1 to 10” with a generic image to improve readability. Do not leave the page and wait until the end of the URL-to-video conversion.
  • When the bullet list’s webpage conversion is finished, the video “” is automatically downloaded. 

Make a video from a plain text ordered numbered list

  • Launch app
  • Paste your text into the input field.
  • Enter the text by clicking on   
  • Change the format and the resolution of your recorded video by clicking on 
  • Change the color as you like   
  • Try a different font as you like   
  • The text is displayed inside an input box that you can edit. To make an ordered list, start each item with a space ” “ follow by a number follow by  “.”, follow by another space “ “. (Example :  1. First item /  2. Second item…). You can also start each item with “#” follow by a number, follow by a space (Example : #1 First item / #2 Second item…  ). To create an unordered bullet list of items, start each item with “” (Example : First sentence Second sentence…).
  • Enter the final edited text by clicking on   
  • To start the plain text to video generation, click on record   
  • Do not leave the page and wait until the end of  text-to-video conversion.
  • When the bullet point list’s conversion is ended, the video “” is automatically downloaded. 


Tips for presenting bulleted list or numbered list

  • Introduce a list with a clear descriptive phrase.
  • Try to write list sentences with similar syntax construction and approximately same line lengths.
    Using the same writing style and about the same number of words for each item will make the list appear more uniform. If the list items are sentences, then capitalize the first word of every list item and use ending punctuation. If the list items are phrase fragments, it’s not mandatory to capitalize the first word, but it’s recommended to ease the reading. Do not use any end punctuation after each item. Avoid repeating the same word(s) at the beginning of each list item.
  • Use numbered lists only when the sequence or count of items are important.
    Ordered lists (In HTML, the <ol> tag defines an ordered list) are usually reserved for instances in which the items must occur in a specific order, such as steps in a procedure, or when keeping count is important, such as a top 7 list. If the order or the final count of the list items does not matter, don’t number them (In HTML, the <ul> tag defines an unordered list) because doing so creates confusion, people erroneously thought that they had to complete all steps in a mandatory numbered list, when sometimes they only needed to choose some options among the list.

Vertical lists attract the eye and make each list element stand out on its own. Thus, they are more effective than inline lists at making key points easier to scan, reference, and understand. But, don’t overuse bulleted lists, as they can lose their effectiveness. The best is the enemy of good, perfect is the enemy of good.

Watch the video generated with app from a webpage, including an ordered numbered list and unordered lists with dots.


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