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Tutorial : how to create a TOP 10 list video for free with

Creating an engaging and well-received Top 10 list video can be a great way to attract viewers and build your audience. Thanks to 011video free online app, making a Top 10 list online is a piece of cake, even your grandma can do it.

Follow this guide step by step :

  • Start app
  • Double click/tap to open an input field
  • Write your Top 10 list. Start each sentence with a number follow by a dot, follow by a space. (Example : 1. First item 2. Second item…). You can also paste a Top 10 list previously made with a text editor.
  • Once finished, enter your Top 10 list text. 
  • By default, the dimension of your recorded video is the same as the canvas size, but you can choose a different format (Landscape/Portrait) and a different resolution (HD, 4K…).
  • Change the color and use a different font as you like.
  • The text is displayed inside the input box, so you can edit it again.
  • Enter the final Top 10 list edited text again. 
  • Add external images if you want.
  • To start the Top 10 list conversion into video, click on record.    During the video conversion process, automatically detect the ordered list and will match each number from “1 to 10” with a generic image to improve readability. Do not leave the page and wait until the end of the list conversion.
  • When the Top 10 list conversion is ended, the video “” is automatically downloaded. 

Watch the Top 10 list video sample made with

Remember, creating a successful Top 10 list video requires a balance of entertaining content, engaging presentation, and strategic promotion. By following these tips and using free online text-to-video generator, you can increase the chances of your video resonating with your audience and gaining traction.

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