Frequently Asked Questions

Make your video in few minutes with right now, it's FREE

. What is ? is a free web application to build any video from video or audio content, pictures or text sources. it's not a YAO... (Yet another video editor online App), It's really different. It is based on a KISS principle (Keep It Simple for Stupid / Smart People).

Time is precious and to get straight to the point there is no better media than video. With you can easily make animated whiteboard Video, generate memes, annotate a video, design a slideshow, build a pitch in just few minutes. You already get a website, congrats ! Use your existing content (video, images, icon, text...) to repurpose your stories into eye-catching videos and get more social engagement. Text based websites are become has-been. Spam keywords make them not anymore effective as SEO content. Everybody know that the future of internet is Video.

You don't need working hours around video timeline or transition effects and so on... to create your own video. Thanks to video making is made extremely intuitive. You can mix video, sound, voice, images, drawing and build an original video. Unlike most video builders you are not restricted by a template designs, you can build your video in a freestyle. Of course, simplicity means that you get necessary and sufficient functionalities to make a video. So don't expect professional video maker features.
For us, it's obvious. What matters is building an application people actually need and want to use. We are trying to offer the Fastest and the Easiest editor to make a video for free but if you find a simpler one, let us know.

. How much it cost ? web app is 100% free with no ads but a tiny watermark. Sounds to good to be true, there has to be a catch, what is it ?. There is no catch, really. We are still working on our App to offer later a more improved release without watermark for a small fee. By you using it, your feedback helping us. Anyway the basic version online is free and will be free for ever.

. works on which browser ? web app works fine with Chrome on PC, tablet and Android smartphone. Just make sure to use the last browser update. We are working hard to support more browsers in the future.

Anyway, we recommend you to use Chrome browser as much as possible because it will result a smaller size best quality video.

. How to start making a video ?

- You can upload a video, a background picture, write some text, add an external audio or your voice.

- You can write or copy/paste any phrase (36 char maximum each). Just click or tap the screen with your finger over image or video. If you want to change the text location just click on the cancel button (only 1 step back) and past it somewhere else.

- If you write a sentence longer than 36 characters it will be display in a smaller font on image or video from the top to the bottom.

- You can draw what you want with your mouse or your finger.

- You can also copy and paste small images, an icon or an emoji as a text illustration. This will be displayed where your mouse or finger are last pointed.

- You can cancel the last add on the screen and back to the previous step.

. How works ?

upload video button works? Upload any MP4, MKV, Webm format video.

upload image button works? Upload any size background image.

cancel button works? Cancel the last text, pic or draw that you did and go back to the previous step (only 1 step back).

ON RECORD button. Click to start recording what is display on the screen. If you uploaded a video, this will start it. You can add a voice comment or any external audio source. You can also upload a pic or copy/past images. If you type some text during a video play the recording is automatically stopped. Just keep in mind that once you push this button everything will be recorded in live and you can't cancel it. So make sure to save parts of you video step by step.

PAUSE recording button. Click on this button will stop the recording. You can now take your time to upload a mew video or pic, add text or copy/past small icons or images. When it's all right, just record it again.

WRITE or COPY/PASTE any phrase (36 characters maximum ). Just click 🖱 or tap the screen with your finger 👉 over image or video. If you want to change the text location just click on the cancel button and write it somewhere else. If you type a sentence longer than 36 characters it will be display in a smaller font on image or video from the top to the bottom

Draw what you want with your mouse or your finger. Turn off this button to stop drawing.

You are done, congrats ! Click on this button to download your video.

. youtube video "How to ?"

Make your video from any MP4, MKV, Webm file video

uMake your video from any images JPG, SVG, PNG

. What about the privacy ? is a Client-side Web application. It's means than all what you do on your PC, smartphone, tablet stay on your device. We don't store anything on our server. Your are free and responsible to create any content video. All your video files remain confidential and private. Moreover we don't track, it's not our business. So you can share your video with anyone.

. What are App limits ?

- what is the video size limit that i can do ? There's no fixed limit. The size limit depends of memory and disk space available on your PC, smartphone, table. The limit is your imagination. Thanks creating videos has never been this easy.

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