Add permanent subtitles into video from plain text

How to add hard coded subtitles on the fly from a plain text file ?

  1. Upload a video from your device
  2. Record    and pause    just before the video speech begin
  3. Copy subtitles from any text editor.¬† to be processed as subtitles by 011,video tis text must start with¬† an asterisk ‘ * ‘¬† and each phrase must end with punctuation character¬† : ¬†¬†!¬† ¬† or¬† ¬† ?¬† ¬†or¬† ¬†,¬† or¬† .
  4. Double click inside the canvas 
  5. paste the subtitles text  inside the text field
  6. Click few times on    to change the text size. If you opt for a very big size make sure  to choose a larger screen    to display the whole phrase every time you turn the mouse wheel
  7. As soon as you turn the mouse wheel for the first, the message ¬†“let’s Add subtitles” is displayed to make you ready to start
  8. Continue to turn the mouse wheel to display each sentence on the fly, one by one
  9.  To make the subs easier to read try to move the cursor near the person  who speak
  10. When the speech is finish pause  and download