How to put a transparent GIF overlay with online editor

Are you looking for a video editor online to overlay a GIF over a video ?  is  the easiest video editor that you can find online to do this :
  1. Upload the video you choose as a background
  2.  Upload the transparent GIF image from your device, this will trigger a video pause. You can also pause the video before to upload the GIF image.
  3. Move the transparent GIF picture over the video.
  4. To resize the transparent GIF image overlay on the video click few times on It will first make the transparent GIF smaller, then bigger and bigger until the GIF will be display on full canvas.
  5. To freeze the GIF image position overlay on the video just click once inside the canvas
  6. Start to record    and Play whit the GIF overlay on the video as you like.
  7. Pause the video and download it

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