Convert GIF into video with audio

How to Convert GIF into video and save bandwidth ?

  1. Upload a GIF image and wait until it’s loaded
  2. Click on  to reduce the GIF size
  3. Click once inside the canvas if you want to set a fixed position and let the GIF play
  4. Open the microphone 
  5. Start to record 
  6. Pause the video and download


And the winner is ?
GIF from GPHY DiCaprio file size : 1024 KB

GIF from GPHY DiCaprio file size : 1024 KB

GIF converted into video plus audio, file size 128 KB made with

Easy to do, just add “loop” to your HTML video tag.

How to make a video from JPG or PNG photos


How to make a video from JPG or PNG photos ? 

  1.  Upload multiples images   (JPEG, PNG, SVG format) from your device
  2.  Drag and drop each image inside the canvas
  3. Record record video and Pause each image one by one
  4.  Download your video download your video

Here’s the video slideshow made with


Turn an image into scrolling video with music

How to transform a picture into a scrolling video with a music background ?

  1. Double click inside the Canvas to write the title “Forever Young” and choose a larger font by clicking on  then Record   and pause 
  2. Upload the MP3 music file   [ Audio source : ]
  3. Upload a JPG picture with higher than height screen size. [ Picture Source : ]
  4. Start recording your video it will start the scrolling up.
  5. At the end of the image scrolling, pause the MP3 song playing  to write the text  “I know, i look 30 years old.” and “My secret ? The Deny…”.
  6. Play again the MP3 audio 
  7. Continue to record your video. When it’s finish pause and download

Here is the scrolling picture video with MP3 music