Turn a PDF into a video slideshow - 011.video editor

Try 011.video editor it’s free to use and watermark freeĀ  Ā 

How to turn a PDF file into a video slideshow without image conversionĀ  stepĀ  ?

  1. Open 011.video desktop web app in a first browser tab
  2. Open 011.video PDF slideshow extension app in a second browser tab
  3. Come back to 011.video tab and minimize the window by clicking on the box in the upright cornerĀ 
  4. Drag the 011.video PDF slideshow extension tab on the right of your screen
  5. Enter PDF file location [ file:///C://…/yourfile.pdf OR https:// ]
  6. Submit the PDF file location
  7. Ā Wait until the PDF file is uploaded
  8. Ā Before starting Slideshow fill the form with your parameters :
    • Start at PDF page # …
    • Page timeout in seconds …
    • Number of Pages to Slide …
  9. Come Back to 011.video tab, click onĀ  Ā  Ā to select the “PDF A4 format” canvas size
  10. Click onĀ  Ā  to share the PDF content with 011.video app. Don’t forget to tick the “share audio” box
  11. Make sure to fit the PDF inside the window.
  12. The window width must be large enough to avoid a horizontal scroll bar down
  13. Click on the SLIDESHOW button
  14. When the first PDF page is render inside the canvas, start to recordĀ  Ā 
  15. When the number of pages to slide is reach you should hear an ending alert message
  16. Stop the PDF captureĀ 
  17. Download the PDF converted into a slideshow videoĀ