Burn video subtitles on the fly from plain text file

How to add permanent subtitles into video without using SRT file ?

  1. If you opt for a big font size make sure  to choose a larger screen    to display the whole phrase every time you turn the mouse wheel
  2. Upload a video    from your device
  3. Copy subtitles from any text editor.
  4. Notice that to be processed as subtitles the text must start with¬† a star¬† ‘¬† *¬† ‘¬† and each phrase must end with a punctuation character¬† ¬†:¬† ¬†‘¬† !¬† ‘¬† ¬†or¬† ¬†‘ ?¬† ‘¬† or¬† ‘¬† . ‘
  5. Double click inside the canvas. As you can only move the subtitles vertically make sure to click on the left far if your text got long phrases
  6. paste the subtitles text  inside the input text field
  7. Change the text color 
  8. Click few times on    to make the text size bigger.
  9. Start to record      your video
  10. As soon as the video begin turn the mouse wheel¬† ¬†before the speech start and you should see the message “Ready to display… Turn wheel again “
  11. Turn the mouse wheel and you should see¬† “let’s Add subtitles” message displayed.
  12. Continue to turn the mouse wheel to display each phrase on the fly, one by one.
  13. To make the subtitles easier to read try to move the cursor vertically close to the video character who speak
  14. When the speech is over pause  and download your video

Here is a ‚ÄúFrench video clip song subtitled with English lyrics translation‚ÄĚ

MP4 video + Transparent PNG + GIF + Script = Great video

How to make video with script, transparent PNG image AND animated GIF over a MP4 video in few clicks?
  1. Click on    to upload a MP4 video background from your device.
  2. Click on   upload image button 011.video works?  to add a transparent PNG image over the MP4 video
  3. Click on   upload image button 011.video works?  to add an animated  GIF over the PNG image
  4. Double-click inside the canvas to add a script. Open a text file from your device with any editor.
  5. Copy the script text and paste it inside 011.video text field.
  6. Change the text color as you like    and Enter
  7. Now click once on the down right corner of the “virtual rectangle” where you want to display your text¬†
  8. Begin the recording    of your video. The scrolling text will start to display
  9. When the text scrolling is ended your video will be paused  by itself
  10. Download    your video
Here is a video sample made with 011.video

Storyboard material :

MP4 video source  : Audio source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwb6u1Jo1Mc

Transparent PNG image : https://pixabay.com/images/search/user:susannp4/ 

GIF source :  Greta Thunberg meme - https://www.reddit.com/r/meme/comments/dbmqi6/how_dare_you_greta_thunberg_meme/

Script source : Wikipedia

How to make a screenshot of a Live Youtube video

You want to make a screenshot of a video available on YouTube, and you have paused the video on the PERFECT moment to capture that magic moment. Unfortunately, when you pause a YouTube video, the controls, i.e. the play/pause button, fast-forward, and more, are still displayed, spoiling your artistic momentum. 011.video  provide the easiest way to get clean YouTube screenshot.

How to make a clean screenshot of a Live YouTube video?

  1. Open 011.video web app
  2. Open another browser tab with any YouTube live stream of your choice
  3. Back to 011.video, click on    to share the capture stream with 011.video app
  4. Right click inside the canvas any time you like to save and download screenshot

Here are the “screenshot samples from CNN YouTube live stream”

screenshot samples from CNN YouTube live stream 1
CNN YouTube live stream screenshot sample #1
screenshot samples from CNN YouTube live stream 2
CNN YouTube live stream screenshot sample #2
screenshot samples from CNN YouTube live stream 3
CNN YouTube live stream screenshot sample #3