What about 011.video app browser compatibility ?

Great question! Since 011.video relies on web browser APIs, compatibility can vary across devices and platforms.

For best results, we recommend using a current desktop version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or an open-source Chromium browser. Enable hardware acceleration in Chrome’s settings to optimize performance.

    • 011.video on Chrome Chrome gives the smoothest experience, but if you have privacy concerns, ungoogled-chromium is a good alternative. Overall, 011.video works on any Chromium-based browser.
    • 011.video on Firefox Firefox and Edge 011.video on Microsoft Edge also work well. Just avoid using extensions that could interfere with the video rendering.
    • One limitation is that 011.video doesn’t work on iOS browsers or Apple Safari, even on Mac. The good news is that Chrome for Mac has you covered.

We suggest trying out 011.video on your preferred browser to see performance firsthand. Let us know if you run into any issues on specific devices or browsers. We are happy to troubleshoot and find the best setup for your needs.

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