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Are you looking for a simple and fast solution to convert text to video on the Internet?
Then you have come to the right place. With software you can quickly and easily convert text files into stunning, customizable videos. With just a few clicks, you can turn text into video.
How to convert any plain text into video online ?
  1. Start software
  2. Copy a simple text using any text editor. In this video tutorial, we decided to copy a discussion post from the Hacker News forum
  3. Double click inside the canvas and paste the plain text inside the input text field
  4. Enter the text 
  5. It takes less than a minute to find royalty-free images to go with the text
  6. Then display images to use as a frame border and contrast filter
  7. Just click on the thumbnail to display any image within the canvas as text background
  8. To add a copyright-free music soundtrack, click on background music
  9. To start to turn the text into video automatically, click on video slideshow
  10. The text conversion process begins with the animation of the text and the creation of the video
  11. During the rendering process, you can add a voice-over
  12. During the rendering process, you can add a webcam overlay
  13. During the rendering process, you can add a video background on the fly
  14. At the end of the text, the recording is paused
  15. Download your video 

Convert your text  into video right now, for free

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