Convert plain text into video online

How to convert any plain text into video online ?

  1. Open editor Pro version
  2. Copy any plain text with any text editor. In this tutorial, we had chosen to copy a discussion thread from Hacker News forum
  3. Double click inside the canvas and paste the plain text inside the input text field
  4. It takes a minute to display Royalty free images related to the text content then to show background and border images
  5. Just click on the thumbnail to display any image inside the canvas
  6. To add a (copyright-free) music background, click on background music
  7. To start to turn the plaintext into video automatically, click on video slideshow
  8. The text conversion process begins to animate the text and to make the video record
  9. During the rendering process you can add video, GIF or webcam overlay
  10. At the end of the web page, the recording is paused
  11. Download your video 

Only paid members have access to editor Pro version, but you can try the Text 2 video conversion with the free version.

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